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Community highlight

  • July 30th, 2023

Today we are finally releasing our compilation of community provided renders!

When the idea came up we wanted to create a bit of publicity for SheepIt and to demonstrate what is possible with a free farm and the support of our community. At first we were trying to contact people on the farm directly and asking them for permission to use their project. And while we had some success, this was a slow and arduous process. After a few months we still only had about 4 videos we could put together. Until we decided to put out a call to action on our Discord.

Almost immediately afterwards we were flooded with truly awesome creations, some of which even us were surprised to learn they were rendered on the farm.
We are proud to see how far one can push the boundaries of our system.

Today, at long last, we are ready to release the final result! We hope it finds your appreciation and we want to thank you all again for being so supportive of this idea. It would probably have come to nothing without your overwhelmingly positive response. We also want to sincerely thank Dragonspartan12 who assembled the final video and spent time keeping us updated on it and incorporating our feedback.

Thank you so much!


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