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500,000 Projects Rendered - Event results

  • July 12th, 2022

Our free rendering event in celebration of 500k rendered projects on sheepit is over and was a massive success!

It was not only a good stress test for how capable this farm is but more importantly showed how many differently talented blender people really like to use sheepit renderfarm for rendering their projects which you guys rocked with 3198 projects during the event!
And we couldn't have done this without the people who connected their clients to crush over 200k+ frames during the event which we averaged at 768 connected clients which we had peaked at 938!

Special thanks for our top renderes during the event:

And a big thank you for the people who are supporting us to keep it running the way it does with servers, codeing, Patreon, donations, spreading the word, helping on questions, doing the bits and bops and mehs and anything else that we forgot.

Thank you all for this amazing event!

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