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10 millions rendered frames!

  • March 8th, 2016

10 MILLIONS FRAMES !!! The more I wrote these news the more it's starting to be an unbelievable number!
Thanks to you, renderers, who made this possible!

For the stats lover here are some:
* 10,070,000 rendered frames
* 39,000 projects created
* 268,000 user sessions created

SheepIt started as a simple script to help me render my personal stuff and has grown a lot, now it's a bit too much for the current configuration. For the last few months more and more issues about free space on hard drives have been raised. The current server is also starting to be outgrow to continue to make SheepIt running don't forget to donate!
To be very blunt, SheepIt is losing money and will not survive much longer!

We want to continue to expand, tell us how we can increase the number of machine connected or what is the missing killer feature.

We are also calling for help on the client side, it's the part of the project that is the less worked on. It's on github so you can improve it, there is a lot more that could be done. Starting with a better layout!

One of the biggest complaints we have is about really heavy project. Those projects could not be rendered on any machine, I don't know if it's due to people not realize what they are asking or because they want to shutdown the system, in any case it was happening because no check was made on project creation.
Now a check had been added, it will try to guess the rendertime of the project and warm the owner about it.

When the project is flagged as "too heavy", it will be blocked and only the owner can render a frame on it. Once a frame had been render it will be unblocked.
Of course, such system can not be 100% reliable so the "too big" trigger is set very high.
The goal is not to do a pre-blocking system but simply to remove obvious buggy project.

We would also like to thanks yolonline who agreed to share its frame.
If you want to have your image as the next event illustration, simply contact us via the form on the website, tell us the image's project.


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