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Blender 2.71 available!

  • June 26th, 2014

The Blender Foundation released the 2.71 version of Blender today and it's already available on Sheepit render farm.

Look at the release announcement:

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.71.
Much awaited new features for Cycles renderer include deformation motion blur, fire/smoke and volume rendering and a baking API.
User interface now allows for draggable popups and resizable preview widgets.
Animation has new interpolation types with “easing equations” presets.
Modeling now allows to “split normals” and Sculpting/Painting has new HSL color wheel and constant detail in dyntopo.
Game development now allows deactivating logic bricks, multi-threaded animations, cast only materials and “unlimited” action layers.
Freestyle NPR rendering has a new textured strokes feature, along with line sorting options.

Official announcement

Presently, SheepIt-renderfarm supports Blender 2.65a, 2.66a, 2.67, 2.68, 2.69, 2.70 and now 2.71.
You can see all binaries available on this page: binaries.

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