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Blender 2.77a available!

  • March 23rd, 2016

The Blender Foundation released the 2.77 version of Blender this week and it's already available on SheepIt render farm.

Look at the release announcement:
Blender Foundation and the blender.org developer community are proud to present the official Blender 2.77 release.
The main highlights of this release are:
* Cycles: Better Subsurface Scattering, GPU support for Smoke/Fire and Point Density.
* Grease pencil stroke sculpting and improved workflow.
* OpenVDB caching for smoke/volumetric simulations.
* Reworked library handling to manage missing and deleted datablocks.
* Redesigned progress bar.
* Edit mode boolean tool, better decimate modifier.
* Improved extruding and weight painting tools for sculpting/painting.
* Support for Windows XP and the SCons build system was removed.
* As usual, hundreds of bug fixes and other improvements!

Official announcement

Presently, SheepIt-renderfarm supports Blender 2.65a, 2.66a, 2.67b, 2.68a, 2.69, 2.70a, 2.71, 2.72b, 2.73a, 2.74, 2.75a, 2.76b and now 2.77.
You can see all binaries available on this page: binaries.

EDIT on April 7th, Blender 2.77 has been updated to 2.77a

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