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500,000 Projects Rendered - Free Render Week Celebration

  • July 1st, 2022

Today we are celebrating a big milestone in Sheepit history--half a million projects rendered!
Sheepit went live in January 2008. For the last few years we have rendered a project every 5min.
Thank you for contributing your computing power (and projects) to SheepIt to make this possible!

We have updated and add new features on the farm:

If you see a user with a really low-end machine you might want to help him by sharing your computer with that specific user. Before doing that you needed to ask for their render-key to them re-log your machine into their account.
To simplify this process you can now "sponsor" them directly, by donating the points your earn on your computer to their account.
Go on your account, them "edit profile" and "Sponsorship" to configure the option.

A lot of people are asking how they can support SheepIt financially. You can already do donations on Patreon for a monthly subscription. You can now also do it via Paypal for a one-time donation or monthly.
The goal is for you to support us but we don't want to be a paid renderfarm or even worst a freemium system, so you will "contributor award" (with 10,000 points) on your first donation, but it's a one-time deal

We always looking for a new fun and serious idea on awards, if you have any ideas share them with us on Discord.

We would also like to thank Pufutama, who made a drawing for the specific event, you can follow him on his youtube channel.

To thank everyone who has made this possible, a 2,000 points gift will be given to anyone who renders a frame over the next few days (the offer ends Monday, July 11th at 00:00 UTC+0).
Also, all rendering is FREE for the event duration! No points will be deducted from your account for frames rendered during this time.

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