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100 million rendered frames!

  • June 20th, 2019

We are very proud to announce that 100,000,000 frames have been rendered on SheepIt Renderfarm!

Since everyone involved with SheepIt is doing it in their spare time, events like these are really heartwarming!
Here are some stats for the stats lovers out there:
* 956 years 60 days of cumulated render time
* 186,000 projects created

In January, we had a hardware crash, resulting in a major loss of data. It seriously impacted us, and we lost a lot of users. We have now recovered, and are back in the cruising mode.
We are looking forward to supporting the official 2.80 release in July!

Everyone who has their machine connected is the reason why we are motivated to keep working on Sheepit.

We would also like to thank Zach who agreed to share his frame.

To thank everyone who has made this possible, a 2,000 point gift will be given to anyone who renders a frame over the next few days (offer ends Sunday June 30th at 8PM UTC+0).

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