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30 million rendered frames!

  • April 26th, 2017

We are very proud to announce that 30,000,000 frames have been rendered on SheepIt Renderfarm!

Thanks to you, renderers, who made this possible!

For some, it is a hobby, for some businesses and for other just a solution for rendering. We have merged hobbyists and professional people together working and growing on our impressive platform. This great community helped to reach an amazing point where we improved performance, comfort and increased connected computers. Let us thank each one who is connected with a client and is sharing their computer with others.
Render faster for free on Sheepit Renderfarm.

For the stats lover here are some:
* 30,148,738 rendered frames
* 303years 120days of cumulated render time
* 78,000 projects created
* 600,000 user sessions created

Since last the big event, a lot of things happened:
* we migrated to a new server. Free space on the hard drive is our main concern, now the new server has 6TB which should be enough for few projects.
* a lot of people asked for filmic support, so we created a special Blender version for that.

A lot of small modifications have been made on the service. Most of them are made to improve the user experience.
For example:
* Time and date are displayed in your local time zone.
* You know how many frames or render time you need to do to get the next award.
* Remove flash preview player and replace it by html5 compatible
* You can set the amount of memory or time you are willing to allow for rendering.
* Few tricks to avoid people adding projects without rendering anything.
and more!

Everyone who has their machine connected is the reason why we are motivated to keep working on Sheepit.

If you can't share your machine, you can also help keep the project alive by donating.

We would also like to thank Jellepostma who agreed to share his frame.

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