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100 years of rendering!

  • January 7th, 2016

We are very proud to announce that 100 years of render time have been done on SheepIt !

Thanks to you, renderers, who made this possible!

For the stats lover here are some:
* 8,330,000 rendered frames
* 34,000 projects created
* 230,000 user sessions created

We never stop making improvements to the service.
Since the 5,000,000th event we added some nice features:
On the client, we did:
* improve the user interface by creating a flexible ui
* Added systray option
* Add FreeBSD support

On the website side, we have mostly worked on stability. We also did a lot of improvements on user accounts and project display, more than 100 modifications over the whole website.

You can help us by donating. We are accepting paypal, bitcoin and dogecoin. Go on the donation page for more information.

We would also like to thanks Exit Studio who agreed to share its frame.
It's part of a very nice animation, who will be online very soon. You can already see a teaser on Youtube.

If you want to have your image as the next event illustration, simply contact us via the form on the website, tell us the image's project.

Update on january, 13th, you can see the full video now on youtube.

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