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40 million rendered frames!

  • August 8th, 2017

We are very proud to announce that 40,000,000 frames have been rendered on SheepIt Renderfarm!

It's a bit of a cliché to say that I'm always amazed by the response of the Blender community but it's really true.
You are more and more to join the SheepIt community, thanks to you, renderers, who made this possible! 40 million frames is an incredible number, it's 385 years of computing time!
When the service went public 5 years ago it took us 1 full year to do 200,000 frames. Now, it's what we do in 2 days!!

Everyone who is involved in SheepIt is doing it on their spare time, so events like this are really heartwarming.

For the stats lover here are some:
* 40,259,850 rendered frames
* 385years 241days of cumulated render time
* 93,800 projects created
* 681,000 user sessions created
We are always curious of who are the people who share their machines, here a snippet of stats since last June.      
We are growing as a community, there have been a lot more registrations recently:

We are a victim of our success, the last big event was the 30 million frames and that was only 6 months ago, which means that we didn't have time to release any major features that we are working on. Instead, most of the changes have been made to improve user experience on the website, usually bugfixes; the most noticeable was support of timezone to display all dates in your local timezone.

The main area of work was on detecting "bad frames". For example, on 32bit linux sometimes the frames generated are brighter than other architectures.
The "default cube frame" detection also have been improved, it should happen much less often.
The next features we are working on are:
* support of AMD gpu, with the next Blender 2.79, there will be no difference between Nvidia and AMD gpu output so it will be possible to support both.
* support of cloud storage. The goal is to support Dropbox and Google Drive to store rendered frame.

Let us know if you are interested in beta testing those feature.

If you want to get involve and you have some bandwidth available on a server, please contact us, bandwidth usage is the number one issue we have right now.

Everyone who has their machine connected is the reason why we are motivated to keep working on Sheepit.

If you can't share your machine, you can also help keep the project alive by donating.

We would also like to thank Wayne Johnson from Hey Bear Productions who agreed to share his frame, his youtube channel is really nice: Hey Bear's youtube channel.

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