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3 millions rendered frames!

  • March 3rd, 2015

We are very proud to announce that the 3,000,000th image has been rendered this week!

Thanks to you, renderers, who made this possible! Together you have calculated more than 15,000 projects.

We never stop making improvements on the service.
Since the 2,000,000th event we added some nice features:
* a standalone client for Windows, now you don't need to have Java to help render. You can get it on the getstarted page: https://www.sheepit-renderfarm.com/getstarted.php
* the client code is now open-source, you can help improve it ! It's hosted on GitHub.
* as a beta, you can split animation's frames too. So you can render bigger frames, up to 80min of render time! Since it's still a beta you need to ask us to activate it for you by emailing to 3000000@sheepit-renderfarm.com
* We also improved the internal scheduler for "slow machine", dual core or less, so you can better share your machine. You will render the easiest frame first, it might overule the credits policy but the difference of strenght between a dual-core and a quad-core or even a good gpu is too big. You can see the list of known machines via this page.

We also like to thank Joel Bernis who agreed to share his frame.
If you want to have your image as the next event illustration, simply contact us via the form on the website, tell us the image's project.

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