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50 million rendered frames!

  • December 3rd, 2017

We are very proud to announce that 50,000,000 frames have been rendered on SheepIt Renderfarm!

Since everyone who is involved in SheepIt is doing it on their spare time, events like these are really heartwarming.
For the stats lover here are some:
* 50,093,656 rendered frames
* 467 years 255 days of cumulated render time
* 113,700 projects created
* 787,600 user sessions created
We are growing as a community: we have regularly over 600 machines connected to the farm:

Since the last big event in August, we worked a lot on the infrastructure of SheepIt. We were running out of bandwidth, so to fix that we’ve added new servers to handle all the web traffic. We migrated to a better server with a 1Gbit/s connection, (previously it was 250Mbit/s) and we’ve also added some servers to handle most of the static files (Blender binaries and project archives).
You can see a map of all servers: here.
The european region is well-handled but we are still looking for more servers specifically in Asia or USA (we have two servers but a low bandwidth cap which is gone within a week).
You can have informations about the requirement on the forum topic.

On top of the infrastructure improvements, we did a lot of bugfixes, both on the client or on the website.

Everyone who has their machine connected is the reason why we are motivated to keep working on Sheepit.

SheepIt is supported and monetized by donors and Google AdSense. Consider donating or just click on an ad you like, to give support!

We would also like to thank Tim Serafin who agreed to share his frame, he was a facebook and instagram.

To thank everyone who has made this possible, a 2,000 points gift is given to anyone who renders a frame over the next few days (offer end on friday 5PM UTC+0).

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