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Blender 2.74 available!

  • April 1st, 2015

The Blender Foundation released the 2.74 version of Blender yesterday and it's already available on SheepIt render farm.

Look at the release announcement:
The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.73!
A major upgrade was given to the Grease Pencil tool, which inter alia brought the ability to edit and animate strokes. The first developments from the Gooseberry Project like a Sequencer Backdrop, Cycles viewport world background and others were added. Cycles got various improvements and speedups, as well as support for cameras inside volumes, the UI got a new 'minimalistic' fullscreenmode and Input Method Editor support for textbuttons (used for complex Chinese and Japanese character input), the Knife-tool was improved, Freestyle got a SVG exporter, and many more features which are worth checking out!

Official announcement

There are some great improvements for SheepIt-renderfarm, the most visible is the support of gpu Nvidia GeForce 9xx graphic cards.

Presently, SheepIt-renderfarm supports Blender 2.65a, 2.66a, 2.67b, 2.68a, 2.69, 2.70a, 2.71, 2.72b, 2.73a and now 2.74.
You can see all binaries available on this page: binaries

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