Render time: 5d08h55m finished in 4h18m by TimK96

Render time: 23h10m finished in 2h08m by Crisdu

Render time: 17h34m finished in 35m by Wardstone111

Render time: 1d14h47m finished in 8h13m by YOLOnline

Render time: 1d11h54m finished in 8h40m by CGRex

Render time: 14h47m finished in 7h44m by svtetering

Render time: 13h54m finished in 2h14m by JoeyNRG

Render time: 1d03h03m finished in 1h13m by romanhegglin

Render time: 18h33m finished in 51m by johannesfknudsen

Render time: 5d15h06m finished in 2d04h45m by bv1717

Render time: 6h09m finished in 3h06m by FRenderMaster

Render time: 5d16h49m finished in 5h26m by iccha

Render time: 4d16h finished in 4h20m by SlimeBlox

Render time: 1d14m finished in 1h01m by ZestfulFibre

Render time: 1d06h43m finished in 4h14m by ThatRedMelon

Render time: 3d15h51m finished in 2h10m by seahyx

Render time: 1d03h36m finished in 1h57m by ftobler

Render time: 12d06h07m finished in 3h by sanjeevnandan

Render time: 4d23h51m finished in 4h20m by 4dtoast

Render time: 15d06h29m finished in 15h19m by maximmaxim345

Render time: 1d11h41m finished in 8h24m by Anson

Render time: 4d09h32m finished in 1d04h19m by -L0Lock-

Render time: 20h21m finished in 2h12m by ftobler

Render time: 4d11h25m finished in 9h by CaptainHow

Render time: 4d04h39m finished in 6h50m by CEDBL

Render time: 6d21h52m finished in 2h50m by Sbud

Render time: 3d08h34m finished in 6h31m by phillipstearns

Render time: 7h07m finished in 54m by JULPER

Render time: 11h40m finished in 7h05m by Eggplant

Render time: 5d01h06m finished in 17h21m by pnykanen

Render time: 8d18h34m finished in 4d05h44m by gabrielsalla

Render time: 6d22h13m finished in 22h36m by StephanRadant

Render time: 5d15h26m finished in 9h37m by StephanRadant

Render time: 8h27m finished in 44m by Isaczac

Render time: 32m finished in 14m by hasc

Render time: 2h04m finished in 31m by confu5ia

Render time: 4h52m finished in 1h45m by ek2015

SheepIt is a free distributed renderfarm for Blender. Try it now!


Instantly become a worker to help other users render.
550 machines are connected on average.


Free registration.
Free project adding.
Free rendering.


Manage your project easily on a web based admin panel.
Real time updates on your projects.
No need to have Blender to help render.

GPU supported

CPU and GPU are supported.

Latest news

Blender 2.80 available!

The Blender Foundation released the 2.80 version of Blender today and it's already available on SheepIt Render Farm. This version brings a lot of c...

100 million rendered frames!

We are very proud to announce that 100,000,000 frames have been rendered on SheepIt Renderfarm! Since everyone involved with SheepIt is doing it ...

Data loss

For the first time, we have bad news to announce. On January 12th, SheepIt's main server lost two of its four hard drives. As a result, all data stor...

Blender 2.80 beta available!

The Blender Foundation has released the 2.80 beta version of Blender, and it's available on SheepIt Renderfarm. It's not a stable version so be car...