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Welcome to Sheepit

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Terms of use

Run the worker only on authorized computers

Run the worker only on computers that you own, or for which you have obtained the owner's permission.

How the farm will use your computer

When you run the farm worker on your computer, it will use part of the computer's CPU power, disk space, and network bandwidth.

Privacy policy

Your account is identified by a name that you choose. This name will be shown on statistics page of the web site. If you want to be anonymous, choose a name that doesn't reveal your identity.

If you participate to a rendering, information about your computer (such as its processor type, amount of memory, etc.) will be recorded by us and used to decide what type of work to assign to your computer. This information will also be shown on the web site, such as statistics page or project pages. Nothing that reveals your computer's location (e.g. its domain name or network address) will be shown.


This web site assumes no liability for damage to your computer, loss of data, or any other event or condition that may occur as a result of participating to a render.